I impress myself

Lately I have noticed how many times I use the word I.  Maybe it was because of the presidential debates where in the aftermath we heard how many times each of the candidates used it.  Regardless of why, I am trying to reduce the number of sentences I start with this pronoun.  On the other hand,  I am a bit of an egotist, egomaniac, or what have you.  I think I am funny.  Usually I am the only one who thinks this.  I think I’m smart. Booksmart not so much, but mechanically inclined I am. I am nothing if not determined.  Today I was asembling  my daughters bed, which I aquired from a friend of a friend.  First I realized the frame was a smaller size than the headboard.  I figured out I could use some wood slats as the metal crossbars were to short to connect due to the oversized headboard they attach to. We had some 2 x 4s in the basement.  I measured and asked my neighbor the cut them to size for me.  It took him all of 2 minutes.  Then I drilled  a few holes so the end slat would be secured to the frame.  My bolts were too long so I hacksawed them down to size.  After all this I placed the boxspring on the frame only to find out is was also the wrong size.  We had a full size boxspring and mattress and a queen size bed.  So I traded my queen box and mattress, which has no frame, for the full size set.  Finally a quick project is done after about 2 hours of messing with it.  I am so please with myself.  Now my daughter will be happy and my hubby and I will be more cozy!  Blogout


My new outlet

Well, I have a blog.  My sister suggested I start one and she’s never steered me wrong before.  That was my other sister.  (rim shot here)  But seriosly, I may like this as I tend to ramble and if a reader dozes off,  I will never know.  Ok, that’s it. Blog.  All I can think of is Rob Blogowowitz of what ever the sam tootin tarnation his name was.  Bloggout